The X-rays show a 2 y.o. quarter horse, with 2 saucer fractures on the cannon bone of the right front leg.

The 1st set, dated 4/2/12 show the 2 45deg shadows/ breaks on the patient’s left top 1/3 of the cannon bone. These fractures are caused by the horse being worked out and given insufficient rest between workouts.

The horse was then treated with the WeHealPlus MV104 unit 4hrs/day for 10 days and then rested for 2days.  This cycle was repeated 2 more times for a total of 3 cycles.  Then treated every other day for 4 hrs/day, every other day for 2 weeks.   After each treatment the horse was turned out but not worked out.

Following the treatment on 6/3/12 the X-rays were taken and the patient was given a physical exam and did not react to palpating the area in any way.  As shown the images reveal one of the fractures healed to 100% and the other to 95% and was cleared to work out.

During workout 19 horses ran the track for workout and the patient received the fastest time of all the horses in said workout.

  Tony Chesley noted that with these types of injuries and without the MV104 treatment, general healing time is normally estimated at 4-6 months with an evaluation no sooner than 4 months.  This 2 y.o. quarter horse was cleared after this regiment of treatment to work out after 2 months and 1 day.  This is a reduction of healing time of at least 99% from 4 months to 2 months and 1 day.

Right MC3Lateral 4-2-12

Right MC Lateral Oblique 4-2-12.jpg

Right MC3 6-3-12.

Right MC3 Lateral 6-3-12.

Right MC3 Medial Oblique 4-2-12.jpg

Right MC3 oblique 6-3-12.jpg