September 27,2011 

      I tried the unit on two of our polo horses showing minor lameness when trotting out. 
I believe the condition was caused by stressed muscle or tendons, neither horse showed any sign of heat in the lame leg area
so was difficult to pin point the area of soreness especially in the mare Casey, we originally thought the problem area was in
the right shoulder but got good results when treatment was switched to above the right knee.
     Lizzie was more straight forward.  Treated rear lower leg successfully.
     A friend had a lameness issue but the vet found the problem to be in the hoof so we did not try the unit on that horse.
     I believe that the use of your unit greatly speeded up the recovery time and the horses went back to full use in half the regular time.
     Thankfully the rest of our horses have held up very well this polo season.

     Thank you for providing the unit for testing & treatment of our USPA Interscholastic polo horses.


Poway Valley Riders Association
Russ Sheldon, Delegate/Manager

Contact information provided on request