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Subject: splint therapy


The first picture is a week ago when I first started.  The second is yesterday.  And the third is today right after the treatment, just a touch puffy.Laughing out loud


I am using it for an hour after training.  Once per day.  The trainer has not seen the pictures yet, I sent them to him in the email just like you.   Without you have other choices shockwave, blister, pinfire.   You have no idea how truly huge it was when we started.  I cannot leave it on longer because I have to be elsewhere and the groom needs to do the leg up.

From: Patricia s. Fudala []
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In racing we have, what is considered a career ending injury.  This the tearng of the xyz's the support ligaments of the sesamoids.  I had a 2 yr old filly she had this injury on the right pastern.  I used the Magnafix on her for 4hrs.  After the 4hrs, there was an 80 per cent change in the injury, the edema was down.  For the next 2 days, no therapy, but it stayed just as it was after the treatment.  She went back into training, the injury healed with just one treatment.  This was the fastest, that I have ever seen heal.