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We Help Plus uses Dynamic TVEMFTM Known also as Dynamic PEMFTM or PEMF 4GTM. Current PEMF units use PEMF developed in the 1990's. We are 2 generations ahead of that technology with the next two generations soon to be introduced.

Dr.Donnie Rudd is a recognized scientist having more patents and patent applications relating to tissue regeneration than any other person.
Dr. Leo Giblin is a Doctor of Medicine  having Received Honors in Radiology and Doctor of Philosophy in Cellular Physiology and Molecular Biophysics. He was Chief Medical Officer at Regenetech, Inc.under Dr. Rudd. He teaches at University of Houston Clear Lake and Texas Chiropratic College.
For More Information and/or purchase, contact:
Donnie Rudd, Ph.D.,D.Sc.,D.D.,J.D.
1700 Rivercrest Dr. #1205
Sugar Land, TX 77478

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