From: Cold River Equine
Subject: Fw: skinny

Injury date June 25, 2011 (fell through a cattle guard, twisted and fractured right knee)

First set of xrays from Dr. Lampe on June 25, 2011

Arrived at Cold River Equine July 30, 2011 and PEMF was started that day

PEMF was used 6 days a week for 4 hours a day from July 30 to Aug 9 along with daily AquaTred underwater treadmill at a trot to increase range of motion and flexability of joint.  Nitrofurazone/Epsom salt sweat was done every night as well.

Total PEMF sessions = 8.  Used various patterns (figure 8, medial to lateral, medial to distal, etc).

Second set of xrays from Dr. Foland on Aug 9, 2011

Dr. Lampe detected a fracture on June 25th the proximal dorsal corner of the radial carpal bone.  On August 9, no fracture was found!  Dr. Lampe also noted a major reduction in overall swelling and reduced cloudiness of the fluid surrounding the knee.  His range of motion was greatly increased as well. 

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